A Woman’s Manual for Bravely Changing Lanes at Any Age

Do you feel stuck in a relationship, career, or any other situation that isn’t serving you? Or maybe you’re ready for change, but doubt your strength, feel like you’re too old, or just don’t know how to change lanes. This step-by-step guide will inspire you to action and empower you to bring change on your own terms.


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My heart is really with women and helping women. I don’t want another woman to stay stuck the way that I did for so long.”

Secondwind with Joyce Podcast, Episode 349

Are You Feeling Stuck?

Discover 6 LIFE-CHANGING STEPS TO GET YOURSELF UNSTUCK and get ready for change. Download my complimentary PDF and start using these steps today!

Change is easier with support and a plan.

You deserve to live a life you love. Staying in a place you know deep down doesn’t serve you will keep you from being truly fulfilled. Having a thought and accountability partner and a plan will help you more easily make changes.

What Women
are Saying


Aggie Malicka

She is such a kind and compassionate life coach who knows how to get her clients motivated and hold them accountable. Jen has been a godsend during my complete career change and other important life transitions, a time that has been both scary and challenging for me.


Darcy Addison

From the very first coaching session, I felt I was heard, understood, and valued. Jen became the quiet voice in my ear, cheering me along. Wanting me to succeed. And giving me the tools to do so.


Kathy Kalnes

As I was beginning my retirement path along with deciding to make a major move across the country with my husband (leaving my children and grandchildren who mean the world to me), Jen’s guidance and coaching helped me navigate through my feelings, the pros and cons, the what ifs, and a myriad of related issues. She was always calm and understanding even when I wasn’t. She listened carefully, gave me her full attention, and asked the right questions to get me to a peaceful outcome.


Lisa Vakulin-Rose

Jennifer Crowley is a caring mentor and coach, and she has helped me excel in my life and career. Through her strategies and lessons, she has guided me to find my strength, purpose, and confidence. She worked with me to get clear on the position I genuinely wanted, and with her support, I’ve taken on more responsibility and received the recognition I deserve for my work.

your Relationships

Being present, connected, and committed will strengthen your personal and professional relationships. If a relationship is challenging you, we’ll find the why and ways for you to work toward improving it. If it no longer serves you, we’ll encourage you to move on in the most respectful and graceful way.

your Calling

Maybe you have a title and career that everyone envies, or you just don’t have the desire to keep climbing the ladder. Either way, you dread each work day, you’re burned out, and something more meaningful is calling to you. We’ll work through what is keeping you in place and create a plan that moves you toward a more integrated life and fulfilling career.

What changes can we help you make to live the life you want?

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