Hi, I’m Jen.

I grew up just outside of Chicago and went to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. I graduated with a degree in microbiology and ended up in the wine industry. Go figure. Shortly after leaving the wine world behind, I started Get It Done Girl Consulting, then became a certified life coach and haven’t looked back. I happily live in Chicago with my amazing son, Liam, and our rescue dog, Buck, and I wouldn’t change a thing about how I got here.

I had the life I thought I was supposed to have.

That life included marriage, motherhood, and a high-pressure position with the stress and anxiety that went along with it. My inner voice urged me to make changes, but I let my fear and other people’s expectations keep me stuck in the same unhappy place for far too long.

After years of struggle, at the age of 45, I finally decided to leave my successful 20-year career behind. The goal was to help myself and other women live more fulfilling lives and be the mother my son deserved. It was the best decision I’ve ever made; my only wish is that I’d done it sooner.

I called upon my strength to make significant changes, and I’m sharing the life-changing practices and lessons learned on my journey through divorce and a career change, to support your transition into a more integrated, joy-filled life.

I firmly believe I’ve been put on this planet to help women be fearless in the face of change.”

My Path
to Fulfillment

I made the decision to leave my career behind, having been one of a small group of female executives in the wine industry at that time. After a character-building ten-year period that included my mother’s breast cancer diagnosis and treatment, my father’s motorcycle accident, the sale and integration of our company, and an amicable divorce, I realized that there was little spark left in me and it felt like I would never find the right time to start living the life I wanted.

The most energizing part of my workday had become the mentoring and coaching sessions behind closed doors with our suppliers and the managers in our company. The topics ranged from work-centered confidence, to relationship issues concerning marriage and children, and often to the person’s desire to make a change in their career, in order to engage in something that had more meaning to them.

Around the same time, my son was graduating from eighth grade and I knew the next four years would pass quickly. He would be off to college and then out on his own in no time. I had struggled to find balance between my personal and professional lives for so long, and there had been such a strong pull between the two that started the day I went back to work after having my son. That struggle never really got easier for me, and there was simply never enough mom time for me to spend with him.

The early passing of a vibrant friend and colleague deeply affected me and I decided that life was too short to stay in a career that no longer served me. I left my job to find a way to help people and be the mother my son deserved. These were the most important things to me and I built my new life around them as a life coach.

Let’s talk.

I’d love to hear your story.

What Women
are Saying


Aggie Malicka

She is such a kind and compassionate life coach who knows how to get her clients motivated and hold them accountable. Jen has been a godsend during my complete career change and other important life transitions, a time that has been both scary and challenging for me.


Darcy Addison

From the very first coaching session, I felt I was heard, understood, and valued. Jen became the quiet voice in my ear, cheering me along. Wanting me to succeed. And giving me the tools to do so.


Kathy Kalnes

As I was beginning my retirement path along with deciding to make a major move across the country with my husband (leaving my children and grandchildren who mean the world to me), Jen’s guidance and coaching helped me navigate through my feelings, the pros and cons, the what ifs, and a myriad of related issues. She was always calm and understanding even when I wasn’t. She listened carefully, gave me her full attention, and asked the right questions to get me to a peaceful outcome.


Lisa Vakulin-Rose

Jennifer Crowley is a caring mentor and coach, and she has helped me excel in my life and career. Through her strategies and lessons, she has guided me to find my strength, purpose, and confidence. She worked with me to get clear on the position I genuinely wanted, and with her support, I’ve taken on more responsibility and received the recognition I deserve for my work.